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  • Interactive & Engaging Presentations

    • Put your best sellers, product experts, and closers in front of all your potential customers. Track and reward your top lead generators.
    • Attendees will view and purchase products in real-time as they are presented in the embedded video player.
    • Interactive content can expand beyond products; including lead generation, information requests, training activities, or any other potential action.
  • Limitless Party Possibilities

    Add an unlimited number of Facebook Groups & Events to your virtual event. Find influencers to get the word out to their social networks. Run events at times that are most convenient for each customer.

  • Shine Every Time

    • Create presentation libraries for users to easily share
    • Market and drive your presentation attendance and engagement with brilliant, authorized content.
    • Enable your users to share their best campaign templates to improve event results throughout your organization.
    • Attendee’s shopping carts can be sent to them via email, or integrated with a full checkout system for immediate purchases.

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