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Turnkey Social exists to deliver a complete toolkit for direct sales companies and their field to connect on social media with current and potential customers.

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Social Made Simple

Regardless of social media experience, our tools will turn your representatives into social selling rock stars. Ready to amp up the power of social media?

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Turnkey's social toolkit provides each of your field representatives a simple and effective way to leverage the power of social media to expand their reach and social selling network.

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Our Purpose

The direct selling industry is in need of a product that empowers their distributors to advertise effectively in the social media arena. Turnkey Social provides that solution. At Turnkey, we provide a wide array of social selling features that build your brand, promote your products, and minimize unpleasant exposure. The best part? It's incredibly simple to implement and use.

  1. Products

    We've designed our software with the direct sales industry consultant in mind. The result is a virtual toolbox packed with everything they need to create a professional and effective business presence on social media, regardless of their experience or skill level. Connecting with prospects on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram has never been easier.

    Each company has dynamic product and marketing needs and our dynamic toolset can be shaped to compliment your business model. From replicated social pages to sweepstakes, automated content publishing, and interactive newsfeed posts, we tailor our product toolset to fit your company and distributors. Here is a list of some of our product offerings:

    • Integration with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram
    • Automated posting of brand approved content
    • Lead generation and contact management
    • Social commerce
    • Compliance management
    • Interactive media publishing and message sharing
    • Social analytics
    • Event management tools
    • Recognition management

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  2. Marketing and Sales Tools

    Regardless of your industry, having an effective social media strategy is vital to your company and distributor's success. Through Turnkey Social's marketing and sales tools, each distributor can grow their business through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram like a seasoned veteran.

    Our Media Sharing tools will build brand awareness, help your distributors sell products, enroll customers, and sign up new members quicker than you ever thought possible. They can choose from a library of pre-approved content that is available in multiple languages to share with prospective customers.

    Our relationship tracking tools trace the entire relationship between the distributor and new lead. Your company can now connect each new lead to a distributor with a chart showing how the new lead saw a post, even if the post has been shared multiple times. For example, rather than just seeing that John is interested in your product, you will know that John heard about it through Sally, turning digital connections to real world relationships.

    Our marketing and sales product offering includes:

    • Customizable Replicated Facebook pages
    • Relationship tracking
    • Personalized media sharing
    • Professional content library in multiple languages
    • Automated sharing of brand content
    • Sweepstakes, contests, promotions, and incentives
    • Lead generation

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  3. Compliance and Field Management

    You don't want unmanaged risk, you want certainty. The viral nature of social media can grow or destroy your business. Turnkey Social recognizes the necessity of having strong compliance and field management tools to control your brand image, consistency and distributor claims. Turnkey's Compliance Management Platform allows for easy management of infractions with automated monitoring and alert tools bring you the entire compliance and monitoring process in a simple to use interface. With our compliance and field management tools, you can monitor keywords to ensure that any claims made on social media are in compliance with company policy. If an infraction takes places, it is sent for review and action. The team can also add comments, send a message to the distributor, or even delete posts if further action is needed.

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  4. Mobile

    If you're not connecting with your customers wherever their busy day takes them, you'll get left behind in the technology current. Turnkey Social offers mobile-friendly, custom apps that enable organizations and their consultants to simplify their social media and improve connections with current and potential customers. Now your content is always just a tap away.

    Here are some of the mobile features we offer:

    • Corporate communication
    • Field training
    • Shareable media library
    • Easy mobile enrollment
    • Back office access
    • Text message prospecting
    • Public and group communication

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Social Made Simple

Turnkey Social provides cutting-edge and comprehensive social selling solutions that enable organizations and their network of representatives to simplify their social media and improve connections with current and potential customers. This is accomplished through our unmatched expertise, integrity, and unswerving commitment to a world-class client experience.

Our Vision:

To provide unmatched social media tools that provide solutions to proactive and progressive direct selling companies who are looking to expand their social media reach and dominate their industry.


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